Sunday, 23 September 2012

Man CIty analytics data

Manchester City have released two datasets containing football data: "Full data" and "Advanced data". Not the most informative names, but I'm sure it makes sense to somebody. The first set (Full data) contains the Opta statistics for every player in every game from the 2011-12 season. This contains details of numerous metrics: assists, goals, headers, tackles, etc.

The seconds set (Advanced data) contains match events with spatial and temporal coordinates. There are 65 different event types, and each event has various qualifiers. The events include: pass, tackle, goal, cards, start & end of match, and on.

I'm more interested in the Advanced data, because another list of the most effective (defensive | attacking) player based on grossed up statistics would be a bit dull.

The aim of this blog is to track my progress with analysing the data and the (coding) techniques I'm using. Hopefully I'll manage to post some results too.

If anybody is interested in accessing the data, they should register with Manchester City Analytics.

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