Saturday, 29 September 2012

Pass-length distribution (First plot!)

Here's the first plot I've made from the Man City data. It's the result of my first play with the data, and is very much hard-wired to this purpose. I'm hoping to write some more general code to making analysis/plotting a bit easier.

Green: successful passes; Red: unsuccessful passes

The plot compares the distributions of pass-lengths between Manchester City and Bolton. To be honest I'm not sure it tells much of a story. Here are some conclusions:

  • Bolton passed the ball less, and completed far less 10 to 25 yard passes then Man City;
  • Bolton attempted more long range passes (40+ yards), and failed to complete them;
There are a few ways this could be progressed:
  • Pass-length distribution for each player; this would not be much more difficult than what I've already done (code wise). It might pinpoint a particular player who is having a good/poor game. 
  • Calculating the distribution over many games, either on a player or team basis would probably be interesting.

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