Sunday, 7 October 2012

Interaction maps

I have created some 2d histograms of events for each player, or interaction maps (as I'm going to call them). The events are binned into 5x10 % boxes, using "numpy.histogram2d". These are only maps of events involving each player, and don't necessarily show a player's positioning throughout the match. A true positional "heat map" can't be created from the current data set, which is a bit disappointing since I wanted to look at player positions in depth.

It's probably a bit hard to draw conclusions from a map of events, except perhaps where a player is positioning himself to be in the game. A few things stand out:
  • Kevin Davies does a lot of stuff between the midfield and defensive lines. I assume he's dropping deep to pick up the ball, or receiving long balls. From the Man City team, it looks like Lescott and Gareth Barry are most likely to be dealing with this threat.
  • The Man City midfield is quite asymmetrical, favouring the left-hand side. Relying on Richards to play quite far up the pitch. 
Click on the picture to enlarge. The number of events is given in brackets after each player's name.

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