Monday, 8 October 2012

More maps...

This time I've done some maps of "duelling". I think that duelling is a bit more difficult to classify. The supporting documentation describes which fields are used to describe which metrics. For "Ground duels won" it uses: take on, foul, tackle, smother; with the success attribute. For "Ground duels lost" it uses: take on, foul, tackle, challenge, dispossessed; with the non-success attribute. These seem a bit asymmetrical. The aerial duelling is a bit more straight forward, there is an aerial (duel) event; the success attribute describes the outcome.

To create the maps below I have taken the events: ground duels won, and aerial duels. If the outcome was a success then the position is added to a list for that team; if it was a failure I add it to the opposition team's list. I'm not completely convinced that this is robust (due to the ground duel asymmetry), but there doesn't seem to be any double counting and it gives a general idea of what is going on.

In terms of the data each time I go to histogram/bin something I'm surprised by the sparseness of the data. As I suggested previously, I'm probably trying to bin the data too finely. If the data for the full season is released then the data volume will probably be better.

Anyway a final note before the plots, I've over-plotted the location of the events with circles and pluses. This was just to convince myself I'd got the signs correct.

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